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Check that revolutionary approach and find out how powerfull combination of ELKa application and ELKaPlus USB scale makes everyday diet control easy.

ELKa + ELKaPlus - Topnotch Diet Control Toolset

Product available for sale in Poland only

Now buy the precision digital kitchen scale ELKaPlus and get the state-of-the-art ELKa application for free.
Use all the value-added features of that innovative and extremally handy toolset at the special price. Within seconds you know the nutrition data of your self-prepared food.
No need to enter weights manually - ELKa reads them automatically from ELKaPlus scale. Click a mouse in ELKa application or press a button on ELKaPlus scale to tare a weight. Or magically get the net weight of an article putting it within one of your bowl on scale's plate. The toolset provides many practical features simplifying cooking.

A must-have toolset if a diet control is your concern.