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ELKa in action
In case of cooking a meal just for one person who will eat it in its entirety, it is enough to know the nutrient values of every single ingredient used in a meal and their weights used in it.
But what if a meal is prepared for more persons or if it going to be portioned?
That's why ELKa splits a meal it into dishes and allows weighing a dish after a process of cooking.
There are two main types of dishes in ELKa:

Type Description Example

Unprocessed Dish Unprocessed Dish is a dish which weight is the sum of weights of its ingredients (or which is going to be eaten in its entirety). Breakfast
Processed Dish Processed Dish is a dish which weight is different then the sum of weights of its ingredients (useful if you are going to portion it or saved it for later use in the Larder). Pasta, boiled

For convenience, ELKa uses two extra types of dishes:

Snack Snack in ELKa glossary is an ingredient added directly to the Menu or served to the Dinning Room Panel. The name of a snack is the name of its ingredient and its weight is the weight of it (none of those two properties can be changed). Banana
A dish composed of semi dishes It is prepared the same way as processed or unprocessed dish but ingredietns are logically splitted into semi dishes (useful if you want to use in a dish just part of the its semi dish). Spaghetti Bolognese, family portion